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Omoine Tsubasa voice library license agreement

Date of Issue: December 25, 2013

Issuer: Hayashi Tsubasa (Golden_Tsubasa/Kiuko)


Usage Policy and Licensing

of the Voice Library Omoine Tsubasa:


The voicebank Omoine Tsubasa is provided by Hayashi Tsubasa (Golden_Tsubasa/Kiuko).


Do not impersonate the voice provider and/or plagiarise the copyright.

Users shall not sell and/or redistribute the voice library Omoine Tsubasa, without the permission of Hayashi Tsubasa, regardless of partially or in totality. The prohibition of redistribution shall not be applied to the cases of modifying the frequency table (frq file) and/or voice setup (oto.ini).


Users may modify and redistribute them.

Users shall not distribute the works using the voice library Omoine Tsubasa for commercial purpose without permission. Users shall not use the voice library Omoine Tsubasa in the way to defame Hayashi Tsubasa (Golden_Tsubasa) and/or third person/party, and/or to violate the rights of Hayashi Tsubasa (Golden_Tsubasa) and/or third person/party.


Other than the prohibitions above,

Hayashi Tsubasa (Golden_Tsubasa) may forbid the use of the voice library Omoine Tsubasa in case users use the voicebank in the inappropriate way.

Users agree to comply with the usage policy and licensing above.


Hayashi Tsubasa (Golden_Tsubasa)', the author and the copyright holder of the voice library Omoine Tsubasa, authorizes the use of this voice library under the condition that users consent to this usage policy and licensing. This voice library is free to use within the non-commercial purpose regardless of for private person, fan circle or commercial person.

Prior/After acknowledgment to Hayashi Tsubasa is not necessarily required when you distribute the works using this voice library for non-commercial purpose.


This voice library Omoine Tsubasa

© Hayashi Tsubasa (Golden_Tsubasa) 2014.

The official art for Omoine Tsubasa

© Nihon 2014.

All rights reserved